Fairy Floss Real Estate

Great Things Are Coming

Yes, this is the official website for the Fairy Floss Real Estate Facebook group, and we're completely aware that things here aren't very pretty (or functional) for that matter. Before we bring the group out of Facebook, we want to make sure that we are understanding what the users of the group are looking for and what can be improved, and based on that feedback, we are planning to make huge improvements to the way you look for accommodation around Australia.

Right now, we are looking for people who have used or viewed the group to get feedback and you're welcome to give us any good or bad feedback that you'd like. The survey is completely anonymous and will allow us to possibly make something truly great!

You're free to check out our Facebook Group in the meantime.

What's the point of this website, currently?

This is just a placeholder website that directs you to the group and to surveys while we collect data on the possible future of Fairy Floss Real Estate Facebook group.

There is no way to post ads from this website. You must do this from the group itself for now.

(PS: We aren't going away.)

Who is responsible for this website?

BoxSquared is currently responsible for this website and any future technical projects that may arise. BoxSquared is the small business (specializing in web app and phone app design) of one of the group's administrators.

If you have any questions relating to postings on the Fairy Floss Real Estate group, please message one of the administrators on Facebook.

If you'd like to speak with us for some other purpose, such as the website operations, send a message to BoxSquared.

Have you used the Fairy Floss group?

Do you use or have you used the Fairy Floss Real Estate Facebook group to look for or offer accommodation? Take our survey and let us know what you think so we can make your experience better!

Want to be updated on what's happening?

Want to receive updates on what's happening with this website and any apps that are coming out? Let us know!

We were recently featured on Domain.com.au

In January 2017, we were featured on Domain.com.au recently! Learn a little bit about why Fairy Floss exists and its aim. Fairy Floss Real Estate: How a humble Facebook group took on the big players by Denham Sadler